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24th May 2023

Man ‘shot roommate for eating the last Hot Pocket’

Charlie Herbert

Hot pocket shooting

He was ‘mad’ when he discovered the final snack had been consumed

A man is alleged to have shot his roommate after he ate the last Hot Pocket.

Clifton Williams, 64, from Kentucky, had become infuriated on Saturday night when he returned home and found there were no more of the microwaveable snacks left.

In his anger, he started throwing tiles at his roommate.

Court records stated that Williams was “mad because the man had eaten the last Hot Pocket,” WLKY reports.

Things took a turn when the roommate started fighting back, which made Williams angrier and prompted him to go inside and get his gun.

Clifton Williams, pictured, apparently was became ‘mad because his roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket’ (Louisville Metro Police Department)

According to police, he shot his roommate – who has not been named – in the buttocks.

The victim told cops that Williams “shot him in the ass while he was trying to leave,” despite him yelling at the 64-year-old: “Don’t shoot!”

After running a few blocks to get help, he was later taken to University of Louisiana hospital where he was treated for the non-life-threatening injuries.

The conflict arose when Williams discovered the final hot pocket in their joint home had been eaten.

Four hours after the altercation, Williams was arrested by officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department and charged with felony assault.

He has since pleaded not guilty and his bail has been set at $7,500.

Williams was also ordered not to make contact with his roommate or possess any firearms.

He is due to return to court on May 30.

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