Man pretends to be DEA agent to get discount at Wendys - gets arrested 4 months ago

Man pretends to be DEA agent to get discount at Wendys - gets arrested

He now faces charges of impersonating law enforcement

A man who wanted a discount on his fast food pretended to be an agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, leading to the actual authorities being notified.


Jesse David Stover was arrested on Monday, April 11, after he tried to swindle some discounted food at a Wendy's in Bunnell, Florida. The 57-year-old had arrived at the restaurant at 2570 Commerce Parkway, where he demanded a law enforcement discount, according to a report from Bunnell Police.

Via Bunnell Police

After staff denied the request, Stover allegedly became threatening and also warned that he would contact their corporate office. Staff contacted the police, who were sent to respond to "a report of suspicious activity."

According to the police report, Stover is a regular at the restaurant and used to get discounts because a friend of his worked there. Wendy's employees said that upon his friend leaving, Stover pretended to be a DEA agent. He had received this discount for two years.

The store's manager told police that he would often flash a badge when employees asked for identification. While Stover denied pretending to be DEA, he did admit to carrying a weapon permit badge which he claims he showed employees when they requested formal identification.

Via Bunnell Police Via Bunnell Police

"Stover was asked to provide his law enforcement identification at which time he quickly flashed a gold-colored badge to the Wendy’s staff and then demanded the discount again. When the request was denied, an argument ensued," Bunnel police said, according to FOX35.

He now faces charges of impersonating law enforcement.

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