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02nd Apr 2016

Chicago man live streams himself being shot by gunman in broad daylight

WARNING: Graphic content

Matt Tate

This is the chilling moment that a man appeared to film himself being shot multiple times in Chicago.

The unidentified man in the clip was reportedly using Facebook’s live streaming functionality when the shocking incident occurred, and at the start of the video he can be heard joking about how a shop is opening for him to ‘duck and hide for cover’.

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The 31-year-old victim is currently in a critical condition at Mount Sinai Hospital, and the shooter is reported to have fled in a car.

The MailOnline  said the clip was taken at the intersection of 56th Street and Hoyne Avenue in Chicago, and the first 25 seconds feature the man rotating his camera and seemingly hinting that he isn’t welcome in the area.

Suddenly a number of loud gunshots can be heard and the man drops his phone, which continues to film the gunman as he fires at least 16 times as the victim attempts to escape.

After the shooter leaves the camera’s frame, the remainder of the harrowing clip is filled with an out-of-view woman’s screams of panic.

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Initially people questioned the legitimacy of the video, but a Chicago Police spokesman told the New York Daily News that a 31-year-old man had been shot at the same intersection at 4:48 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the city has had its most violent start to the year since 1999, with over 700 people shot in the last three months.

WARNING: Graphic content