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06th Nov 2018

Man goes to extreme lengths to beat Ryanair’s new baggage policy

Paul Moore


Ryanair’s latest changes to their baggage policy has caused some consternation for holidaymakers because it’s an additional fee and inconvenience for some.

Granted, not everyone that’s headed off for a short holiday will need to check their bags but with the new changes, Ryanair non-priority customers will only be allowed to take one “small personal bag”, such as a handbag or laptop case, into the plane’s cabin as long as it can fit under the seat in front.

Passengers who want to bring an even bigger bag will have to pay additional charges unless they are a priority boarding customer, which already commands an additional fee.

Well, in a move that would make Joey “You hide my clothes, I’m wearing everything you own” Tribbiani proud, one Ryanair customer decided to get creative – and incredibly hot under the collar – in a bid to beat the new rules and regulations.

As you can see below, Lee Cimino was flying to Belfast with Ryanair for a birthday night out with a friend.

In the spirit of defiance, Lee rummaged through his wardrobe and found an old coat that he could bring to a local tailor.

After getting a few alterations made, it turns out that Lee could now fit the entire contents of his carry on bag into the lining of the coat.

Speaking with the Press Association, Lee said:  We got to Manchester Airport at about 6am and I didn’t get as many funny looks as I thought I would. My mate said I just looked like a hipster! The coat only had a few clothes in it and I just put it in the tray like you normally would. I don’t know how close I came but as I understand it, I’m not doing anything wrong with wearing the coat.”

While some people might question the time and effort that’s required to pull off a stunt like this, Lee thinks that “it strikes a chord with people as everyone has had an experience with the airlines. I’d encourage more people to try it, otherwise how far will they go? As I say, this is not me having a go at Ryanair. I love them, it’s just raising a point.”

The airline have released the statement after the video went viral:  “Thanks to our larger free small bag allowance (40% bigger) and cheaper checked-in bag option (£8 for a 10kg bag), Ryanair customers can bring all they need without having to board the aircraft looking like the Michelin Man or Joey from Friends.

“We’ve received lots of positive feedback from customers and airports across Europe on our new bag policy, which is leading to faster check-in, security and boarding, and improved punctuality.”

Fancy trying this on stunt on your next flight?