Man firing musket at French ships in Jersey is 'peak Brexit' 4 months ago

Man firing musket at French ships in Jersey is 'peak Brexit'

Makes you proud doesn't it

A man in Jersey has found the latest way to embarrass us as a nation as he tries to get involved in the current fishing dispute between the UK and France.


As dozens of French ships and boats continue to block the main St Helier port on the island in protest against the new post-Brexit fishing restrictions, a man has started firing a musket at the boats, making a stand for this great nation.

The clip, shared by ITV News, has been viewed almost 64,000 times and really paints the island of Jersey and the country of Great Britain in a glowing light.

The man is a member of the Jersey Militia reenactment group, but don't worry, he's only firing blanks.

Many have described the scene as 'peak Brexit' and the perfect example and visualisation of the arrogant, pig-headed, numbskull nature of some Brexit supporters.

One man, with a funny hat and high vis jacket on, trying to scare off ships, with a musket, firing blanks. If one picture summed up present-day Britain....



The clip has also gathered a number of comparisons to one of the great comedy characters of British TV.


Very 'Dad's Army' indeed. Quite Monty Python as well, with a hint of Basil Fawlty.