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11th May 2021

Man disguised himself as a white guy to commit 30 burglaries, according to police

Claudia McInerney

The suspect is believed to have worn a mask resembling a white man

Police officers in LA have arrested a man who they believe could be linked to over 30 burglaries, in which the suspect appeared to dress up as a white man.

Rockim Prowell was detained by police officers in Beverly Hills during a traffic stop on on 2 May, following reports of several robberies in the area.

Police officers were able to connect two of the previous burglaries together through surveillance footage, which revealed the same vehicle.

Images captured from surveillance videos released by officials show a man wearing a mask that appears to be skin covering his face, as well as glasses.

As reported by Fox News, police recognised from the security videos that the male suspect seemed to always have his mouth open. This led the authorities to realise that the suspect was in fact wearing a mask.

The information was publicised by the LA Police Department on Twitter, but it has since been deleted, according to CBS.

In the tweet, officials asked if anyone had security footage of the suspected masked burglar.

According to CBS, the Los Angeles Police Department said: “It was odd this burglar’s mouth was always open when seen on surveillance video. When he was caught breaking into another home we discovered why.”

The tweet was reportedly accompanied by images of the suspect and the mask.

When the 30-year-old suspect was arrested, his car was searched and officials found a face mask which seemed to connect him to the residential burglaries in Southern California.

Prowell, of California, has been charged with two counts of burglary, one count of vandalism and two counts of grand theft, it has been confirmed.