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11th Nov 2021

Man ‘cuts off both his legs under train’ to claim huge insurance payout

Charlie Herbert

Man lies in front of train for insurance payout

The incident took place in Hungary in 2014

A court in Hungary has determined that a man deliberately lay down in front of a train in order to claim a huge insurance payout.

The man, named only as Sandor Cs, lay down in front of the train in 2014 to claim a £2.4m insurance payout.

As a result, he had both of his legs amputated from the knee down.

The 54-year resident of the Hungarian village of Nyircsaszari is claimed to have climbed onto the tracks so a train would run over both of his legs.

He has been wheelchair-bound ever since.

Cs insisted he was innocent and that he ended up on the tracks because he stepped on a shard of glass, causing him to lose his balance and fall in front of a train departing the station.

The court heard that in the year leading up to the incident, Cs took out 14 high-risk life insurance policies. He claimed this was because he had received financial advice telling him he should.

A court has now handed the man a two-year suspended prison sentence and an order to pay £4,725 in legal costs.

The Pest Central District Court made the ruling on November 9 – seven years after Cs. lost his legs.

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