Loud sex is good for you, says Swedish health minister 4 years ago

Loud sex is good for you, says Swedish health minister

Loud sex can be really annoying, especially when you're not the one having it.

But according to Sweden's health minister, it's practically essential for a balanced life.

Speaking on Twitter, Gabriel Wikström replied to a comment about noisy neighbours which called for a ban on risqué sex after 10pm.

"We often discuss sex in negative terms, like, for example, we relate it to rape, we relate it to sexual abuse ... but not to the positive thing that sex really is. I think we should really start to talk about sex as something positive.


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He went on describe sex as a "political matter":


"I think Swedes should have all the sex they want to have. Many Swedes feel they don't have as much sex as they want to because of stress and work-related problems"


Wikström later told the BBC that he had intended to reply to the tweet in a humorous way, but did not expect it to go viral.

In a later statement to Swedish paper The Local, he declared that a lack of sex – not loud sex – is the problem, having caused a declining birth rate.