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09th Jun 2017

Mr Fishfinger ran in the General Election and people absolutely loved him

Paul Moore

A keen (birds) eye for politics.

If you’re going to bring voters to the table, you better have something to offer them from your plate.

Nobody is going to bite at some undercooked policies because if you really want to be a big fish in the political pond and reel in those votes, you need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to entice the voters to follow you.

Political bait if you will.

In Tim Farron’s constituency of Westmorland and Lonsdale, Mr Fishfinger expertly pulled this tactic off because he somehow managed to secure 309 votes. Much like Lord Buckethead, he instantly became a hero for the working and hungry classes.

In fact, Mr Fishfinger managed to get 60 more votes than Lord Buckethead and yet he still finished last in the polls.

We smell something fishy with those votes!

This being said, plenty of people absolutely loved their new golden boy of politics.