Hundreds of thousands to take to the streets of London to march for People's Vote 1 year ago

Hundreds of thousands to take to the streets of London to march for People's Vote

A huge crowd is expected in the capital for the People's Vote march

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are expected to take to the streets of London on Saturday afternoon to march for a People's Vote.

Marchers are expected to walk through the streets from the afternoon onwards as part of a campaign to bring the subject of Brexit - currently and seemingly perennially in turmoil - back to the British people.

In recent days, that turmoil - which has seen prime minister Theresa May's Brexit deal rejected twice by parliament - has led to more than four million people signing an online petition which calls for the revocation of Article 50, the clause which Theresa May invoked on March 29, 2017, beginning the process of Brexit in earnest.

The march comes a day after the Guardian published leaked government plans for a no deal Brexit, plans which highlighted the chaos which crashing out of the European Union would cause in the United Kingdom.

According to the secret Cabinet Office documents, there will be a "critical three-month phase" during which "Operation Yellowhammer", the codename given by the Treasury for cross-government contingency planning for the possibility of a no deal Brexit.

The documents also state that there will likely be likely to be "unforeseen issues and impacts" resulting from no deal.

Social media on Saturday morning saw hundreds of accounts posting images of themselves and other protesters on their way to the capital for the march.

On Friday it was revealed that Labour deputy leader Tom Watson would be in attendance, while leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell will not.

Watson is expected to tell those in attendance that he will vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal if the prime minister agrees to a second referendum on Brexit.