Logan Paul reckons people actually think Jake Paul is this generation's Mike Tyson 4 months ago

Logan Paul reckons people actually think Jake Paul is this generation's Mike Tyson

In one sentence, he compared his brother to Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson

Logan Paul has claimed that Jake Paul is this generation's Mike Tyson after his brother scored a fifth win in five fights with a knockout victory over Tyron Woodley at the weekend.


The 24-year-old had been due to put his high-profile feud with Love Island star Tommy Fury to bed at the weekend but at the last minute Fury had to pull out due to a chest infection and broken rib.

This led to Woodley stepping in as a replacement, with Jake dispatching him with a brutal 6th round knockout in Florida.

It gave Jake his fifth boxing victory and continued his unbeaten career in the ring, having previously conquered Youtuber AnEsonGib, basketball player Nate Robinson, former professional MMA fighter Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Twice.


An illustrious list I'm sure you'll agree.

So his brother, Logan, whose boxing career is made up of just two fights against KSI and Floyd Mayweather, decided to compare Jake to two of the greatest fighters of all time: Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

Quoting a tweet that has since gone viral after Jake's KO win, Logan said: "You know what they've been saying? They've been saying this: our great grandparents had Muhammad Ali, our parents had Mike Tyson, and we have Jake Paul."

Jake then pointed out that he shares a birthday with the great Muhammad Ali, suggesting that it could "mean something."


Instagrammer Defnoodles shared the clip with the caption: "Someone needs to ego check these guys... fast"

Whatever you think of his boxing ability, no one can deny that Jake and his brother have become quite the phenomenon and are able to draw in crowds and audiences that most fighters could only dream of.


It doesn't sound like Jake will be getting an ego check any time soon though, with the Youtuber intending to take a break from boxing, saying that he has "accomplished what I want to accomplish."

He added that the earliest he'll be back in the ring is May 2022.

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