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24th Jun 2016

English people want Iceland to beat them in the Euros because of the referendum

Poor old Roy.

Alex Finnis

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and it’s fair to say some people are much happier about it than others.

WESTERHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 23: Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP and Vote Leave campaigner, talks to the media after registering his vote in the UK's EU referendum, at his local polling station Cudham Church of England Primary School on June 23, 2016 in Westerham, England. The United Kingdom has gone to the polls to decide whether or not the country wishes to remain within the European Union. After a hard fought campaign from both REMAIN and LEAVE the vote is too close to call. A result on the referendum is expected on Friday morning. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

Remain voters are obviously pretty angry and upset – and are showing it on social media.

And now some people have started taking it out on the England football team, who play Iceland in the last-16 of the Euros on Monday.

Loads of English fans on Twitter are now saying they hope Iceland knock their own team out of the tournament, and will even be cheering the underdogs on.

People are googling Icelandic chants to prepare for the game.

And Wales aren’t safe from the anger either. Wales, who voted predominantly to leave, are playing Northern Ireland, who favoured Remain.

Football used to be simple, but not even that is safe any more.