Live tracker lets you follow Scotland's amazingly-named gritter trucks 8 months ago

Live tracker lets you follow Scotland's amazingly-named gritter trucks

Bear Chills. Sled Zeppelin. Hansel and Grit-al.

It is snowing in many parts of the country, and that means the gritter trucks are out.


Up and down the nation, the big trucks are on the roads getting rid of the ice and snow. You obviously want to know if one has been out in your area before you go for a drive, which is where Traffic Scotland's live gritter tracker comes in handy (if you are north of the border, at least).

But that is not why we are fascinated with it. We just keep looking at it because of the amazing names they give the gritter trucks. Just take a look for yourself.


What is your favourite? Bear Chills? Sled Zeppeli?. Hansel and Grit-al?

Most of them are puns on pop culture.


Many are named after famous songs and musicians: Spready Mercury. I Want To Break Freeze. Gritney Spears. Sweet Child O’Brine.

There are also some named after films: BFG - Big Friendly Gritter. Licence To Chill. Gritty Gritty Bang Bang. Lord Coldemort & You’re A Blizzard Harry. For Your Ice Only.

A few of them also celebrate their homeland, including Plougher O’ Scotland, Mary Queen Of Salt, Charles Rennie Mackinslush, Sir Salter Scott, William Wall-ice and Sir Andy Flurry.

Other puns we like include Ready Spready Go, Bear-illiant, Grit Tok and Basil Salty.

And of course, there is a gritter called Mr Plow.


According to the Traffic Scotland website, up to 117 gritters are deployed to salt trunk roads. A further 57 trucks are deployed as needed to patrol and provide additional salt treatments.

The entire winter fleet is comprised of 230 vehicles, for spreading salt and ploughing. The additional gritters are there to help provide support to the frontline and patrol vehicles, as also if they are needed to cover breakdowns and essential maintenance.