Line of Duty theory 'proves' Marcus Thurwell is alive after fans spot James Nesbitt 9 months ago

Line of Duty theory 'proves' Marcus Thurwell is alive after fans spot James Nesbitt

Do I even need to give you a spoiler warning at this point?

As we hurtle towards the conclusion of the latest drama for Ted, Steve and Kate at AC-12, a whole dossier of questions remain. Is Carmichael actually the worst person in the country? Will Steve's beard return next series? Perhaps the most crucial one though is whether James Nesbitt is going to come away with a paycheck for having a couple of photos of himself taken.


So far his appearance as the extremely mysterious and dodgy Marcus Thurwell has consisted of a mugshot and a picture of himself on a boat. And then during the latest episode it was revealed that he was in fact dead at his villa in Spain.

But many aren't buying this at all, and are pointing the finger at a certain Spanish police officer involved in the raid on his residence.

After Joanne Davidson admitted in her interview that she had been in conversation on her laptop with someone whose IP address shows they were based in Spain, it became more and more likely that Thurwell has been a crucial figure pulling the strings behind the scenes for the last six series.

But a Spanish raid on his place found two bodies there, one of which was identified by the police in the raid as Thurwell. But some think that they recognise the eyes of the Spanish officer who made the identification.


Fans are also struggling to believe that someone as high-profile as James Nesbitt would be hired to make such a fleeting cameo. Although you only need to speak to Keeley Hawes to know that this wouldn't be a first for show creator Jed Mercurio.



The more you think about it, the more sense it seems to make. But if you think that some of the cliffhangers this series have been too much to wait just a week for, I suspect a 'Thurwell is still alive' style one may be awaiting us after the final episode on Sunday.

Considering that there was a two year gap between series 5 and 6, we could be waiting quite a while yet for answers on Thurwell, and whether Nesbitt's screen time will exceed the two minute mark.