Leave supporters chase pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry down street shouting 'traitor' and 'Hitler' 3 years ago

Leave supporters chase pro-Remain MP Anna Soubry down street shouting 'traitor' and 'Hitler'

Anna Soubry was abused outside parliament on Wednesday

Video footage has emerged showing pro-Remain Conservative MP Anna Soubry being abused by a gang of pro-Brexit protesters outside parliament.


Some of the group of men are dressed in hi-vis jackets, emulating the "yellow vest" protests that have been taking place in France over recent weeks.

In the video, a man repeatedly shouts "silly woman" at Soubry.

"You are a disgrace to the Tory party. A disgrace to the country. And a disgrace to the people of the country," he says. "It’s about time traitors like you were told what the people feel."


The man filming the video, identified as alt-right figure James Goddard, then adds: "You are a traitor. You are a traitor to this country. You are on the side of Adolf Hitler."

Police then intervene to stop the men and escort Soubry for the remainder of her journey.


Responding to the event on Twitter, the Conservative MP said the protesters were "abusive".

She said the demonstrators had “targeted a number of people outside Parliament today including journalists going about their work” and they “also blocked gates”.


MPs from across the House offered messages of support to the 62-year-old following the incident.

Labour MP David Lammy said: “This kind of nasty, aggressive behaviour towards an elected representative is reprehensible. Particularly a woman. Solidarity with Anna Soubry.”

While Labour MP Diana Johnson said: “This is truly awful and whatever your view on Brexit, there is absolutely no excuse for this type of intimidation and thuggery. Calling an MP a “traitor” for holding a different view is unacceptable. This is dangerous and needs to be called out and stopped.

“Solidarity with Anan Soubry.”