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10th May 2021

Laurence Fox accuses police of harassment after home visit following election loss

Charlie Herbert

Officers visited his home on Sunday

Laurence Fox has accused Met Police “thugs” of harassing him and making his children cry, after officers turned up at his home on Sunday amid reports of a “party.”

The actor, who lost his £10,000 deposit over the weekend after coming 6th in the London Mayoral election, has told the MailOnline that officers turned up at his Lambeth home.

It was after there were reports of a party at the venue. Fox insisted that he only had his father round for dinner, although it is not clear whether this was indoors or outdoors.

The Reclaim Party founder, who has consistently been a sceptic of lockdowns and social distancing regulations, labelled the officers as “thugs” and said that they were “bang out of order.”

In a later tweet, he warned that “there will be trouble” if they came to his house again.

It is probably unsurprising to see Fox in a stroppy bad mood, after he was trounced in the London mayoral elections. The actor failed to gather 5% of the vote, meaning that he lost his £10,000 deposit. He also finished behind YouTuber Niko Omilana.

Just 47,634 people voted for Fox, which is only 1.8% of the London electorate. In comparison, winner Sadiq Khan gathered 1,206,034 votes, and Omilana got 49,628.

This should come as no surprise though, as the actor, who has been dropped by his agent, criticised NHS staff recently, a move that rarely acts as a vote winner.