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28th Apr 2015

Lads go out drinking in Stourbridge…and end up in Malaga

That got out of hand, fast...

Sometimes things really just jump up a notch.

One minute you’re having a few quiet drinks in Stourbridge. The next minute you’re raving away in Malaga, Spain.

That’s what happened to Matt Weyman and three of his pals.

Sh*t really escalated when they decided to jump on a flight from Birmingham airport to the Costa del Sol to carry on the night. They turned up at the airport with just the clothes they were wearing and a single iPhone charger (what more do you need?).

The foursome ended up in the resort’s Sky Bar and it sounds like they had a blinder.

In the morning they had to phones their bosses/parents/significant others to explain they might have accidentally, sort of flown to Spain for a night out.

Bet the taxi home wasn’t cheap…

H/T Daily Mirror