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28th Mar 2022

Labour MP Dawn Butler diagnosed with breast cancer

Ava Evans

The MP said ‘everything stood still as it does when you hear the dreaded C-word’

Labour MP Dawn Butler has revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram.

The 52-year-old, who represents Brent Central in London, said the cancer had been discovered at a “very early stage” in November last year.

“Of course, everything stood still as it does when you hear the dreaded C-word – it is a shock but an early diagnosis means that it is something that I will get through and over,” she said.

“The NHS has caught my cancer early, the operation was a complete success, and I will make a full recovery.”

Buttler said she would be taking time off work to recover following the operation.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tweeted his support for Buttler, writing: “Dawn, your bravery, strength, and determination shine through.

“I am sorry you’re going through this, but know that I, and the whole Party, are behind you”.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Monday, Butler said a mammogram had saved her life.

“Without a mammogram, my cancer wouldn’t have been discovered,” she said, urging the more than one million women who haven’t had their routine mammogram to get checked.

“They missed it because of Covid. They estimate there are 9,000 women who are walking around with breast cancer and they don’t know it. There will be women who will die if their breast cancer is not discovered. And needlessly so.”

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