Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant forced to apologise after people spot 'Nazi Symbol' 2 months ago

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant forced to apologise after people spot 'Nazi Symbol'

Some suggested organisers had mistaken the symbol for a famous nightclub logo

The organisers of the Platinum Jubilee pageant have apologised after a symbol associated with Nazism was spotted during the parade.


The symbol appeared on the side of a float that was representing the Northern Soul movement.

It was identified by viewers as the 'Black Sun symbol', and looks like a black and silver wheel with 12 jagged lines.

It appeared alongside more traditional logos of the 1980s music movement.


The Black Sun symbol was used by the SS in Nazi Germany and is often used by neo-Nazis as a substitute for the swastika.

Many took to social media to express their fury at the symbol appearing during the pageant, explaining its true meaning.


One person wrote: "Can some please explain to me why there was a Nazi symbol (black sun) on a float in the jubilee."

Another said: "The Black Sun is a Nazi emblem and Symbol of the SS. what is it doing in Jubilee Celebration."


A third said the symbol had been worn by the Buffalo shooter last month.

The organisers of the pageant have since apologised for the symbol appearing, and have said it was the result of a search engine error.

In a statement to the Mirror, the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Company said: "This is a genuine mistake and we apologise for the offence caused. The act intended to represent the Twisted Wheel Club associated with Northern Soul music from 60s and 70s, and the symbol was unfortunately mislabeled on search engines.


"This is an error with no malicious intent. Anyone who has seen the Pageant will know that the Pageant is all about inclusivity, tolerance and unity and this symbol does not correlate with anything it stands for."

One person suggested organisers may have been searching for the Twisted Wheel logo, a club that became famous in the 1960s for playing Northern Soul.

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