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22nd Jul 2015

Jon Stewart leaves Barack Obama in hysterics with Donald Trump comment (Video)

Tom Victor

He might be approaching the end of eight exhausting years in office, but Barack Obama still has time to laugh at a thing or two.

The outgoing US President has had plenty to say about potential Republican candidate Donald Trump in the past, notably roasting the business magnate back in 2011.

And this was clearly at the forefront of Jon Stewart’s mind when he welcomed Obama onto The Daily Show for the last time.

At the end of a serious discussion, the presenter – who will hand over the reins of his show to Trevor Noah later this year – dropped in a reference to “Future President Trump”.

It clearly took the current president by surprise, and he couldn’t help but laugh at the comment before saying: “I’m sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr Trump’s current dominance”.

Trump himself has not been averse to an unwittingly amusing comment of his own, not least via his Twitter account.

Since announcing his presidential campaign, the 69-year-old has garnered a notable amount of support in Republican polls.

You can watch Barack Obama’s extended Daily Show interview, in which he reflects on his presidency, here.