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06th Jan 2016

Jon Snow embarrasses American pro-gun campaigner with pure facts (Video)

Kevin Beirne

Americans’ lover affair with guns is something that’s always been difficult to understand.

In the opening five days of 2016, more than 140 people in the US had died as the result of gun violence, and even President Obama himself has stepped in to try and solve the country’s growing gun crisis.

Despite the ridiculous levels of unnecessary deaths every single day, there are still some people who oppose any sort of restrictions on access to firearms.

One such person is Armed American Radio correspondent Neil McCabe, who appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss the issue with news anchor Jon Snow.

To say McCabe was unprepared to face someone of Snow’s tenacity would be an understatement, as he has no idea how to respond to the cold hard facts of the deaths guns bring to America every day.