Jeremy Clarkson blew up his house because he's a man who dislikes attention 5 years ago

Jeremy Clarkson blew up his house because he's a man who dislikes attention

Noted fan of subtlety Jeremy Clarkson has irked his neighbours thanks to his controversial method for demolishing his house.

The television presenter and personality recent gained permission to demolish his five-bedroom farmhouse near Chipping Norton, Oxon. Clarkson is believed to have called the area Diddly Squat Farm.


Clarkson looked to tear down the £4million estate so he might build a new one. But rather than use bulldozers to get the job done he... blew it up. Action movie style.


As The Mirror reports, although Clarkson gave prior notice to those living around the premises, neighbours weren't too pleased with the events.

One neighbour, 44, who spotted the pile of rubble, said it was "typical Clarkson".

"Before there was a big old farmhouse but there is little to be seen of that now.

"Apparently they sent some of the villagers who were around half a mile from it letters telling them something was going to happen.


"It's just typical Clarkson isn't it. Any normal person would get in people to take it apart conventionally, but he blows it up.

"He blew up the entire house. All that's left is a huge pile of Costwold stone."


And what was the reason for the demolition? Well it appears The Grand Tour host will be building a new modest six bedroom country house, "which gives the appearance of having grown over time".


The new build will apparently have walled garden, orangery, basement cinema and five bathrooms, as well as space for five cars and a quad bike store.

Sounds lovely. We can only imagine he'll demolish with an asteroid from space in a decade.



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