Jamie Carragher takes aim at government with world class Brexit banter 8 months ago

Jamie Carragher takes aim at government with world class Brexit banter

Fair play Jamie, you've ruined them

Hello and welcome to another edition of current or former footballers making political jokes that are actually quite funny.

It was announced earlier today (Wednesday) that Theresa May had promised to resign if her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement was delivered, in an attempt to finally break the Brexit deadlock before handing over the reins to another equally contemptible Tory.

This of course meant that the usual suspects all become candidates to take over again. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, David Liddington, Jeremy Hunt. Now, you may disagree, but very few people are impressed by that list of potential prime ministers.

In particular Paddy Power, who labelled it the 'most uninspiring line-up since this Liverpool team', referring to the side Roy Hodgson fielded for a game against Napoli back in 2010 at the San Paolo.

Carragher captained that side, leading them to a 0-0 draw, and obviously didn't take kindly to being made the butt of a joke about this unfathomably incompetent government. So he bit bit back, saying: "At least we got a result in Europe! And our front two didn’t promise the NHS 350 million!!"

The £350 million gag is of course referring to that big fib on the side of the Leave campaign's bus that the NHS would receive the £350m we send to the EU every month; a promise propagated by Johnson and Gove.