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13th Jun 2022

Jake Paul says those who voted for Biden are the ‘problem’ and cites five examples

Kieran Galpin

From influencer to boxer, boxer to political expert, Paul has really had the career of a lifetime

Influencer turned boxer Jake Paul has criticised President Joe Biden, dubbing him the “American problem” with five examples.

The 25-year-old Trump supporter took to Twitter on June 12 to share his political genius with the world.

“Biden accomplishments,” he wrote sarcastically before listing the reasons.

Paul’s evidence includes the highest gas prices, worst inflation, plummeting crypto prices, highest rent prices ever and something he refers to as “incomprehensible language.”

His final point could be in reference to the many blunders of Joe Biden, who has been pictured shaking hands with an invisible person.

“If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem,” he concluded.

The post has since received a huge amount of attention, with many questioning why he deems “plummeting crypto prices” as a serious problem facing Americans. It was also pointed out that neither gun control of civil rights was mentioned.

Many users are schooling Paul on the facts, with some pointing out that gas prices are incredibly high across the world.

“Jake Paul never fails to impress me with how fucking stupid he is,” wrote one Twitter user, while another scathed, “How is it biden’s fault all your shitcoins are worthless again for the 326th time?”

But not everyone disagrees with the athlete, with one writing: “I never ever thought I’d agree with @jakepaulbut here I am agreeing 1 million percent!!!

“Even the normies are starting to wake up. Biden is the disaster Trump said he would be,” another said.

Maybe he shouldn’t quit his day job.

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