ITV political presenter apologises for photobombing BBC report 6 years ago

ITV political presenter apologises for photobombing BBC report

The cheeky scamp.

Wednesday was certainly an eventful day in British politics. David Cameron resigned the country's premiership and vacated Number 10, Theresa May was sworn in as the new Prime Minister by the Queen, and she then immediately went about appointing her new cabinet.


The competition between rival news agencies to cover the unfolding events was as intense as ever, with the likes of Sky, BBC, ITN, Channel 4 News and numerous others jostling for position on Downing Street for their live reports to camera.

Except the streams unusually crossed when Robert Peston, political editor for ITN, broke convention (and perhaps accepted etiquette) by cheekily walking past a live broadcast by his BBC equivalent Laura Kuenssber and waving at the viewers.

It was a fleeting appearance but not one missed by avid viewers, who seemed to enjoy the impromptu cameo...even if Kuenssber and fellow Beeb reporter Fiona Bruce did not appreciate it quite as much.


Peston later apologised via Twitter, claiming he didn't realise that the cameras were rolling. Nice try Robert, but you're fooling no one...