Italy set to impose 'green pass' restrictions on unvaccinated 6 months ago

Italy set to impose 'green pass' restrictions on unvaccinated

Italy are getting Covid vaccine certification

According to reports, Italy is set to make vaccine certification known as a 'green pass' compulsory for entry into stadiums, museums, theatres and cinemas; exhibition centres, swimming pools, gyms and several other public spaces from August 6th.


People will only be granted permission upon presenting said green pass - handed out to those with at least one vaccine dose - and will be available to anyone who presents proof of a negative test taken within 48 hours or have recently recovered from Covid, before attempting to access any of these locations.

While nightclubs will remain closed and proposals over making the pass obligatory for travelling within the country by train, plane or long-distance bus under review, the pass itself - which is an extension of the EU’s digital Covid certificate - will also be required in order to be served indoors at restaurants.

Following the proposal, The Italian prime minister, Mario Draghi, has urged all Italians to get Covid-19 jabs after his government approved restrictions on unvaccinated citizens as it scrambles to contain a resurgence of infections.

Draghi warned in a press conference that the country needed to act quickly if it is to avoid the kind of infection levels that are seen in the UK - which has the highest death toll in Europe. The virus is still at large all over the continent, with coming out of lockdown while simultaneously trying to protect the population and the economy presenting a huge challenge.

On Thursday, Italy registered 5,057 new Covid cases (mostly caused by the Delta variant), compared with 4,259 the day before. There were also 15 more Covid-related deaths, bringing the total to 127,920.

The Euro 2020 festivities after Italy’s beat England in the final are believed to have contributed to the recent surge in numbers, as thousands flooded the streets to celebrate the win - Rome, in particular,


As of Thursday the 23rd of July, 52.83% of the Italian population have been fully vaccinated. However, vaccine bookings have slowed down recently as many young people delaying their vaccine until after the summer and there are still plenty of people across Europe who refuse to get the jab.