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05th Nov 2015

Is Duracell’s Star Wars epic the greatest Christmas advert ever made? (Video)

This is awesome...

Ben Kenyon

Christmas. It’s a wonderful time.

A time when every shop in the land shamelessly try and sell us more junk we don’t need.

But along the way we get some absolutely brilliant Christmas adverts to make us feel that warm festive glow when we’re spending the last of our rent money on a Tamagotchi.

There’s a Christmas advert for everyone.

If mawkish sentimentality’s your bag, there was that World War One effort from Sainsbury’s where the bloodshed stopped for bit for a game of footy and some Sainsbury’s choccy.

Or there was little Monty the Penguin from the John Lewis advert that made us all cry like babies…then buy more stuff.

But this year we think we have found a winner already – and there’s not a lonely penguin, a slow-mo snowball fight or a fat Coke-swigging Santa in sight.

Duracell have mixed our excitement for Christmas with our delirious anticipation of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film.

With a little childlike imagination and a few Duracell batteries, you’ll never enjoy the Yuletide more than this…