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01st Apr 2016

‘Irish boxer’ caught up in this mass brawl in Turkey facing nine years in jail

Conor Heneghan

Irish native Mohammed Fadel Dobbous is currently on trial in Istanbul.

The so-called ‘Irish boxer’ involved in a mass brawl in Turkey that commanded international coverage last year is facing nine years in prison for his role in the fracas.

Dobbous became something of an internet sensation after footage emerged of him taking on all comers in a neighbourhood of Istanbul.

This took place when a fight broke out following an incident in a local shop.

Reports at the time suggested that Dobbous had become angry when learning that the shop in question did not sell alcoholic drinks, but Dobbous claimed in court that it was all a big misunderstanding.

According to the Daily Star, Dobbous claimed in court: “When the bottles fell, the man in the shop tried to hit me with a stick. I grabbed it and threw it away.

“I was confused. Then, others came at me. I don’t remember their faces. One man tried to stab me in the back.

“I knew I would be done if I fell while they were attacking me.”

Dobbous, who was dubbed the ‘Irish boxer’ after the incident – and even had a video game made in his honour in Turkey – also denied that he was a boxer and claimed that he was “just a Mike Tyson fan.”

Dobbous is reportedly facing nine years in prison if charged with assault and grievous bodily harm at the Palace of Justice in Istanbul; the case is currently ongoing.