Interactive mini-festival organised to raise money for suicide prevention charity 3 months ago

Interactive mini-festival organised to raise money for suicide prevention charity

The BST Rave, organised by British beatboxer and singer-songwriter SK Shlomo, will take place on March 27th to raise money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

The event will feature DJ sets from names such as as Rob Da Bank and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, along with several others, and will start at 8.30pm on the night. It will run all the way through to when the clocks go forwards from 1am to 2am, marking the start of British Summer Time and the start of longer daylight hours.


Discussing the event SK Shlomo said: "This is a painful time for so many, myself included and Iโ€™ve been open about my ongoing struggle with suicidal depression. Organising this BST Rave has been such a fun distraction - creating a global party that brings people together whilst helping save lives - itโ€™s an absolute blast."

Other acts that will be performing sets on the night include SK Sholmo himself, DJ Rap, Lipmatt and Altern-8. The mini-festival aims to celebrate "an industry that has suffered catastrophic damage due to lockdown restrictions," and will bring together "displaced DJs, artists and fans in an event accessible to anyone with internet across the world, creating an inclusive space for party-lovers and supporting an incredible cause."

Speaking about teaming up with the event, the CEO of CALM Simon Gunning said how people are needing the charity's services "more than ever" but that there is "light at the end of the tunnel."

Gunning said that the charity are "proud to be supporting SK Sholmo's BST Rave, and give people a fun evening to help them take a break from all that's happening," encouraging people to grab their glowsticks and rave-from home.


Tickets for the event are free, but the first 1000 people who register will have the option to appear on screen alongside the acts and appear in the Zoom Room. There they will be able to show off their dance moves, and win prizes for competitions such as best decoration and "raviest outfits."

So if you're missing those raves and can't wait for those summer months to come, this could be the perfect event, all while raising money for a great cause.