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20th Feb 2024

‘I’m a mum and have shared my husband with 16 women this year – I can’t get enough of it’


A mum has caused a furore on social media after she revealed the details of her relationship

Honeyy Brooks revealed that she relishes in ‘sharing’ her husband with other women.

This year alone she has ‘shared’ her partner of 10 years with 16 other women.

Brooks, who lives in a rural part of Australia, said that she is “obsessed” with the lifestyle.

“I actually can’t get enough,” she said in one video. “If you told me 12 months ago that I was going to be sharing my husband with multiple women I wouldn’t believe it.”

She opened up to the MailOnline about the how she feels about the intricacies of their lifestyle.

“The funny thing about it is I am the one who is obsessed – my husband always thinks it’s ‘cool’ or ‘whatever’ but I’m always thinking of the women we can do. 

“I’m pretty sure I enjoy the girls more than my husband does, he just comes along for the ride.

“We obviously film [our activities] and we’ve had ones we haven’t filmed because it’s just us in our element – but we tape most of them, which is really cool because we get to share that and then we get to watch it back over and over.”

“We don’t consider ourselves polyamorous, our relationship is ours except for a few random cheeky nights out or when we are doing business,” she continued.

“For everyone saying that he is going to leave me for someone better. Name someone better. Name another wife who would let their husband do these fun things and enjoy it.”