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27th Aug 2019

SNP leader says opposition leaders will force delay of Article 50

Wayne Farry

Opposition leaders are adamant that a no deal Brexit will not go through

Ian Blackford MP, the leader of the Scottish National Party, has told JOE that opposition leaders intend to work together and seize control of the order paper as part of their plan to stop a no deal Brexit.

Speaking outside of the Houses of Parliament, Blackford told Oli Dugmore that despite a “spat that developed over the course of the last few days” between Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson and Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, opposition leaders must work together to halt right wing politicians from forcing through a no deal.

“We are up for the fight against the right wing Brexiteers – Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings – that are prepared to drive the bus off the cliff. We’re not gonna let that happen,” he said.

“We are leaving the EU on a no deal basis unless we stop it. So today was an opportunity for all opposition leaders to come together, recognise that we had to work together, we had to show leadership and I’m grateful to say that was the case. We all coalesced around a plan.

“When we get back to parliament (after the summer recess ends on September 3) we’re only going to get one chance. We need to take control of the agenda, so we need to take control of the agenda away from the government.

“We’ve got to make sure we bring forward legislation and we strike out no deal as the default option.

“The simple fact is if we do nothing, if we’re unsuccessful we are leaving the EU on a no deal basis. All that means for the people fo the UK, what it means for the economy, what it means for our rights as EU citizens, the rights to live, work and travel in 28 EU member states, that finishes in a few weeks’ time.”