Huw Edwards 'ordered' to delete tweet of himself by Welsh flag by BBC bosses 3 months ago

Huw Edwards 'ordered' to delete tweet of himself by Welsh flag by BBC bosses

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BBC News presenter Huw Edwards has said he was ordered to delete a tweet in which he made a tongue-in-cheek comment about the ongoing flag discourse that followed his colleague Naga Munchetty having to apologise for liking a few tweets.


For context: during an interview with housing secretary Robert Jenrick, BBC presenter Charlie Stayt said a Union Jack placed next to a picture of the Queen, was “not up to standard size”, adding “I think it’s just a little small, but that’s your department, really” - prompting laughter from Munchetty.

After no response from Jenrick, Munchetty said: "Always a flag, always a flag.

"Did have a picture of the Queen there too, though."

Munchetty then liked some tweets poking fun at politician's current obsession with plastering the Union Jack everywhere in lieu of any substantial policies.

Of course, this prompted complaints around a supposed lack of impartiality, because this country has collectively lost its mind.

Huw Edwards then posted a tweet including a photograph of himself in front of a Wales flag, captioned: "Flags are now mandatory — very pleased with my new backdrop for BBC News at Ten."


But just a few hours later, the tweet had been deleted. Edwards explained: "Gutted. My pro-flag tweet has been cut down in its prime. By order. Meanwhile, enjoy this magnificent flag - one of my favourites," with a photo of a flag displaying the BBC logo instead.

Loving the sass, Huw.