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31st Mar 2015

Huge TARANTULA found in a Welsh park

Parks in Wales are wilder than we imagined...


We usually associate Wales with beautiful countryside, rugby and the angelic voice of Katherine Jenkins.

Not massive Mexican red rump tarantulas.

This huge creepy crawly was found in Maesteg in south Wales and impounded by council officers and must be the strangest (living) thing ever found by a council worker in the town.

Worried Welshmen need not fear a Mexican tarantulas bite: it’s likened to a mere bee sting. It would still give you a hell of a fright, though.

A Wildlife expert told Wales Online that the beastie was “lucky” not to have been gobbled up by a cat or a bird and that the tropical spider had most likely escaped from a nearby house.

Wait; so spiders have occupied entire houses in South Wales?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

H/T: MediaWales