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07th May 2020

How to survive the end of the world


If society as we know it ceased to exist tomorrow, could you survive?

The world as we know it ending is a scary concept, but one that features heavily in popular culture. Books, TV shows, films and video games regularly depict the apocalypse in one way or another – more often than not featuring a band of weary survivors fighting off the undead.

Most of us have discussed in jest about how we believe we’d get on in an apocalyptic situation, whether we’d last for the long haul, or be one of those poor, unfortunate characters that is mercilessly taken down early in zombie films.

But if you woke up tomorrow greeted by the end of the world, would you have the skills to survive? Modern society has given us countless positives, but it has also made us forget many of the invaluable skills that allowed to reach this stage of civilisation in the first place. These are your tips to getting by in the post-society world.

Lewis Dartnell’s book, The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch, is out now.