Horrifying video shows 60-car pile-up in the US that leaves three motorists dead 4 months ago

Horrifying video shows 60-car pile-up in the US that leaves three motorists dead

Among the casualties, at least 20 are said to have been hospitalised

In horrifying footage captured by the roadside, at least three have been killed and 20 injured following an estimated 60-car pile-up in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania.


As captured by onlooker Mike Moye during a Facebook Live on Monday, waves of cars can be seen swerving and crashing into the back of already stopped vehicles as low fog and snowy conditions caused utter carnage along Interstate 81.

Trigger warning: images may cause distress.



As you can see in the video, motorists desperately try to avoid stopped vehicles but most simply cannot react in time due to the minimal visibility, causing a knock-on effect exacerbating the second large scale Pennsylvania pile-up in six years, with a similar incident occurring on I-78 back in 2016.

Moye himself - who began recording after he crashed his Dodge Charger - watches on as people jump out of the way of colliding cars and large plumes of smoke begin to rise further down the highway.


While CNN initially reported there were some 40 or so cars involved in the domino-effect pile-up, local officials have since stated the figure is closer to 60, with the Schuylkill County Coroner expecting the already confirmed death toll to increase as well.

As well as civilian cars, multiple vans and "tractor-trailer" lorries were involved in the Pennsylvania pile-up, many of which caught fire while drivers were said to be trapped in their vehicles.

Along with fire and rescue teams, multiple aircraft are said to have been called in to help deal with the wreckage left by the accident and the search for any other survivors, made only more difficult by the snowstorm itself.

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