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05th Jul 2015

Hillary Clinton posted this incredible message to a gay US teenager fearing for his future

Conor Heneghan

What an incredible response from one of the world’s most influential people.

Facebook page Humans of New York posted an interview with a teenage boy who openly expressed fears about the reaction he would encounter from other people because of his homosexuality.

The post proved to be incredibly far-reaching (over 570,000 likes and 52,500 shares at the time of writing) and attracted plenty of responses of support for the teenager in question, including one from US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton via her official Facebook page.



Clinton’s response was short but incredibly touching and it is believed that the sign off at the end of the response – the letter ‘H’ – indicates that it was penned by Clinton herself as opposed to a member of her campaign staff.

Clinton’s post comes shortly after same-sex marriage was legalised in the United States following a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court last month.