Hilary Clinton has been writing about the reasons why Donald Trump became president 2 years ago

Hilary Clinton has been writing about the reasons why Donald Trump became president

"It's important to know now."

It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we woke up to the news that Donald Trump would become President of the United States.

His opponent, Hillary Clinton, has written a new book, What Happened, detailing the reasons behind Trump's victory.

Longtime Clinton friend and fundraiser Robert Zimmerman, who is also a Democratic National Committee member said:

"Her book and her tour is not just important for history, it's so important for now,"

Clinton who was the Democratic nominee for the US Presidency in 2016 admits in the book that personal mistakes weren't the only thing that cost her a place in the hot seat in The White House.

She claims that interference from Russian hackers, accusations levelled at her by former FBI director James Comey, a divisive primary battle with Bernie Sanders and even her gender were all huge factors in Trump's win.

However, according to Politico, it's Clinton's Democratic party members that should be worried and not those on Trump's side.

She has been asked to "zip it" by some of her party members who believe that she is picking at the scabs of 2016, again...

"Campaign operatives don't want the distraction, just as they head into another election season."

Clinton has decided to undergo a US tour to coincide with the selling of her book and she states firmly that she was winning the election until "Jim Comey injected emails back into the election."

She also hasn't minced her words regarding the current President saying that he is "a clear and present danger to the country and the world," while also branding him a "creep."

Democratic operatives believe the book is an unwelcome distraction and claim "the more the focus is on us, and not Trump, the harder 2018 is going to be."