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04th Apr 2017

Hey Cadbury, how dare you remove ‘Easter’ from your egg hunt

Not a single mention anywhere. Utterly disgraceful

Rich Cooper

Cadbury and the National Trust have gotten themselves into hot water for leaving the word ‘Easter’ out of their annual egg hunt.

This is, of course, a disgrace. By removing the word Easter, they’ve utterly ruined the entire spirit of the occasion.

Prime Minister Theresa May said it was “absolutely ridiculous”, while the Archbishop of York accused Cadbury of “spitting on the grave” of its founder.

It’s a national outrage, but don’t just take the press’ word for it – see for yourself.

Look at the Cadbury website. Not a single mention of Easter, just a bunch of starfish.

Not one mention! And yet they found time to include a load of silhouettes popping some sweet BMX tricks. Disgraceful.

Seriously, you can’t even buy an EASTER egg anymore. Now you have to buy a DINOSAUR egg, and those are probably really expensive and not even EDIBLE!

They’ve stopped selling Easter gift baskets and swapped them for Piss gift baskets instead. These are not the kind of family values we expect from Cadbury!

The National Trust website is a similar story: no mention of Easter, just a single, solitary picture of John Barnes.

Honestly, what is this country coming to?