Heroic little boy fights back against armed robbers with his Yoshi toy 5 years ago

Heroic little boy fights back against armed robbers with his Yoshi toy

Don't mess with a boy and his Yoshi.

An armed robbery is not something a child - or anyone else for that matter - should have to experience, but when a boy and his family's trip to their local Gamestop in Washington DC was interrupted by two criminals with guns, he hardly seemed fazed.


According to The Washington Post the robbers burst into the store and forced the parents to the ground near the checkouts. The dad, who is unsurprisingly keeping his family's identity anonymous, shouted for his son at the other side of the store, who at the time was looking at the stuffed toys and had picked up the well-known Nintendo dinosaur.

The surveillance footage reveals that as the second robber grabbed the boy he fought back, Yoshi in hand, landing a number of punches in his refusal to back down to them.

“He punched him,” the dad said. “Two left hooks while holding the Yoshi doll.”

The robbers, who are still at large, left the shop with stolen cash but fortunately there were no serious casualties in their wake.

They're still at large now, and the boy's dad said he wanted to speak out about the "terrifying situation" so that the men are caught.


He added: “It’s important for me to be able to say to him: ‘They’re not going to do this to anyone else.’”

As for Yoshi - the manager gave the doll to the boy, and the family say he now carries it everywhere with him.