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25th Mar 2022

Ukraine: The hero mums drinking ‘Putin’s blood’ and rescuing kids from bunkers

April Curtin

Their world is falling apart, but somehow Ukrainian mums keep going

Women are some of the most resilient people on this planet, and if anyone is proving that right now, it’s the mums of Ukraine.

Over three million people have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began just over a month ago. Mum’s are trekking hundreds of miles in sub-zero conditions – baggage in one arm, kid(s) in the other as their husbands, fathers, and teenage sons – banned from leaving the war-torn country – fight on the frontline. They may never be reunited.

A mother arrives with her children in Poland from war-torn Ukraine at the Medyka border crossing on March 15 (Getty)

Mothers are also making heartbreaking decisions – handing their kids to others to keep them safe. One widow had to leave her children to flee alone while she took care of her own elderly mother (she has since been reunited with her family). Images and videos of the conflict are the only evidence we have of the unthinkable atrosities occurring daily across Ukraine. The young mum with a bloodied face – standing in front of a children’s hospital wiped out by shelling. The pregnant woman, who was meant to become a mother, carried away from the same scene on a stretcher. Later, she and her baby died.