Here's the best way to get cheaper petrol 5 years ago

Here's the best way to get cheaper petrol

Nobody is safe from dreaded fuel price hikes, but it turns out that there's a pretty big difference in cost depending on where you shop.

The AA has advised that customers who top up their tanks in supermarket forecourts will get the best bang for their buck, and going elsewhere might force them into paying over the odds.


Opting for a supermarket pump can save you an average £1.50, as a litre will come in at 4.8p less for unleaded and 5p less for diesel. It might not sound like much, but over time it will definitely free up some beer money.

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The motoring company revealed in its Fuel Price Report that Asda charges 108.52p a litre, while Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's will set you back just over 109p for the same amount.

Compare this with BP, who charge 113.37p, and Esso, 112.21p - it's pretty obvious where you want to be heading. The difference is similar regardless of whether you're diesel or unleaded.

The RAC reported in April that fuel prices had gone up by 3.4p a litre on average - the first rise since July 2015 -  which has only increased since.

So next time you need a fill-up, make sure you do it at a supermarket. Easy.