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14th Jul 2018

The heatwave is about to come to an abrupt and thunderous end

James Dawson

Expect rain, lots and lots of rain

Well, it was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it? Less than a week ago it seemed anything was possible, England were going to bring the World Cup home and the sun was never going to stop. But here we are now, knocked out in the semis, with temperatures set to plummet and heavy rain and thunder about to descend upon us.

Although we have been seeing temperatures in the low 30s over the past few weeks, come Monday they are likely to drop around 10 degrees. On top of that heavy rain and thunderstorms are predicted to sweep in from Tuesday.

Met Office forecaster Rachel West told that it looks as if the best of the weather is over, for the next few weeks at least.

“From tomorrow onwards we are going to see rain, with some showers and possibly thunderstorms – with the good weather peaking this weekend,” she said.

“The rest of next week will see some showers and there could be thunderstorms over the next few days –  and it looks unlikely we will see a return to it being as hot as it has been.”

The news comes after the Met Office issued its first ever ‘danger to life’ weather warning for thunderstorms last week.