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07th Aug 2022

Heatwave to bring potential mid-30s temperatures this week in ‘unusually dry’ August

Simon Bland

The UK baked under record-breaking temperatures just a few weeks ago

According to reports, the UK is set to experience another heatwave later this week, with temperatures potentially rising into the mid-30s.

Labelling this month an “unusually dry” August, meteorologists have suggested that weather conditions that could typically be associated with a heatwave could make an appearance in the coming days. Starting on Sunday August 7, the mercury is predicted to rise up to 28C in parts of the UK, with the country continuing to heat up as the week progresses.

Speaking to The Independent, forecaster Greg Dewhurst of the Met Office explained that this new uptick of warm weather is largely due to high pressure travelling in from the Atlantic and will result in “lots of settled weather across England and Wales.”

The Met Office spokesperson continued, explaining that the warm weather can be expected to last throughout the next seven to 10 days.

Today, parts of the South and South East will likely experience temperatures up to 27C or 28C. Similar weather can be expected on Monday before the warm weather increases further on Wednesday, with places in the South of the UK receiving highs of 31C.

According to the Met Office, parts of the UK could see weather in the mid-30s by Sunday however areas in the North West can expect some showers.

Dewhurst explained to The Independent that “high proportions of the UK will meet the heatwave criteria.”

Just a few weeks ago in July, the UK saw record-breaking heat as the country experienced never-before-seen temperatures of 40C. In fact, the weather got so hot, a red weather warning had to be issued due to an increased risk of danger to life.

In recent weeks, unusually warm weather has resulted in unexpected wild fires breaking out across the UK and even a hose pipe bad in parts of the country.

This coming heatwave is not expected to be as extreme though, with the Met Office’s Deputy Chief Meteorologist Rebekah Sherwin explaining that: “There is some uncertainty about next week’s temperatures, although in early August sunshine in the UK doesn’t have the heating potential of mid-July as the sun is lower in the sky and the hours of daylight are marginally shorter.

“Both of these factors suggest that we’re very unlikely to see temperatures peak much above low to mid 30s. However, this would still be a hot spell of weather.”

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