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08th Apr 2024

Heartbroken child raises £8,000 from lemonade stand to pay for late mum’s headstone

Charlie Herbert

girl raises money for mum's headstone with lemonade stand

‘I didn’t know that just by making a little lemonade would bring this many people’

A grieving child has raised thousands of dollars through a lemonade stand to pay for her mother’s headstone after she died suddenly last month.

Emouree Johnson, 7, decided to sell homemade lemonade to raise money in memory of her mum Karli, who passed away at the age of 29 in March.

The youngster from Scottsboro, Alabama, was selling cups of lemonade for $1 each so that the family could get a headstone for her mum.

As news of her fundraising efforts spread her stand became busier and busier.

Locals from all over came to make a donation, with many leaving generous tips of $100 as well

Emouree told local news channel WAFF48: “I didn’t know that just by making a little lemonade would bring this many people.”

Emouree said she got her work ethic from her mum, with her grandmother Jennifer describing her as “so special.”

Her family said the girl’s fundraiser efforts have raised almost $10,000, but a number of monument companies have offered to donate headstones to the family, meaning the money can now go towards other expenses.

Emouree has raised almost $10,000 through the lemonade stand (WAFF)

A GoFundMe page set up after her death has raised $6,500 for the family.

“She knows that mummy is OK now. She knows that she’s going to be OK, and everybody cares and loves her,” Emouree’s grandmother said. “All these people showing all this and trying to help, it’s actually helping heal the whole family.”

When asked if she reckoned her mum would be proud of her, Emouree said: “Yeah. She would say I’m doing good.”

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