Have you got what it takes to be the Queen's new pot washer? 5 years ago

Have you got what it takes to be the Queen's new pot washer?

After a career change? How would you like 'pot washer at the palace' on your LinkedIn?

The Queen is offering to pay someone just shy of £17,000 a year to keep everything in the Royal kitchen looking shiny and spotless.


The chosen candidate will be able to live in Buckingham Palace (or whatever residence their services are needed at) and can look forward to a generous 33 days annual holiday.

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If you're sitting there thinking "I've never even see a Royal with my bare eyes, let alone rinsed gravy from one of their ludicrously expensive plates," never fear - experience is not the clincher here. The job advert assures applicants that full training will be provided, so as long as you're a hard worker and a 'natural team player' you're in with a chance.

The role specification reads:

"You’ll join a close-knit and committed catering team who prepare and serve food to the very highest standards.

"You'll assist the team by maintaining the wash-up environment, ensuring our chefs and assistants have all they need to deliver hundreds of staff meals every day.

"You’ll clean equipment and utensils ready for use on a daily basis, as well as assisting with food preparation.

"And whether you’re based in Buckingham Palace or, when required, travelling to another Royal residence, you’ll embrace this challenge and the many others that come your way."

You have until July 20 to apply for the role. Get to it.