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30th Jul 2018

Apparently Prince Harry’s wedding ring breaks TWO royal traditions


Rebecca O'Keeffe


So we know by now that Harry and Meghan are not strictly following royal tradition.

Even their gorgeous wedding had a number of personal touches, including their choice of music.

And now it seems as though Harry even broke the rules in regards to his ring.

prince harry's wedding ring

The Duke of Sussex is actually the first man in his family to wear a wedding ring.

Prince William doesn’t not to wear a ring, as he “isn’t one for jewellery” just like his grandfather.

Prince Charles never wore a ring while he was married to Princess Diana.

However, the heir to the throne does wear a signet ring on his pinkie finger.

Harry’s wedding ring also broke away from tradition by being a platinum band.

Apparently it was expected that the ring would be made from a single lump of rare Welsh gold.

This is a tradition that was started up by the Queen Mother back in 1923 and has been adhered to by all royal brides have since, including Meghan.