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24th Jun 2021

Harry and Meghan rejected Earl of Dumbarton title for Archie for containing the word ‘dumb’

Kieran Galpin

Harry and Meghan are not ‘dumb’

Piers Morgan has undoubtedly smelled the blood in the water already, and he is circling nearby, ready for whatever right-wing broadcaster will have him on to slag off the Sussex’s- perhaps GB News has a slot? Harry and Meghan have reportedly rejected the title “Early of Dumbarton” for their son Archie, with concerns that he would be ridiculed and bullied.

The Telegraph reports that the couple rejected the title for fears of their son being bullied, but by who was not revealed. Though kids are needlessly cruel, I have a sneaking suspicion that certain British Tabloids with a history of tasteless headlines would have a few thousand article ideas.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie seemed to have a sense of humour on the topic but has not made an official statement as of yet. She did, however, take to Twitter to share a meme.

The couple has spent most of their married lives fighting for their right to exist. Though the press heavily criticises them, there is also a lot of love for their choice in independence.