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07th Jan 2023

Harry ‘allowed to leave RAF base when drug testers suddenly arrived’, report claims

Steve Hopkins

Harry left the base in his Audi A3 when drug testers arrived unannounced

Prince Harry was reportedly allowed to avoid drug testers when they suddenly arrived at his Apache helicopter base, according to reports.

The Duke of Sussex – who has opened up on his drug taking past, including trying cocaine and magic mushrooms, in his new memoir due out next week – was given special permission to not give a urine sample while at RAF Wattisham, in May 2011, when the base was put in lockdown when drug testers arrived, The Sun reported.

There is no suggestion that Harry was taking drugs while in the Army or deliberately missed the test, but according to the publisher, he was granted permission to leave and head to London on “urgent Palace business”.

It is suggested Harry left the base in his Audi A3, having only just returned from London, while his colleagues were made to give urine samples.

It is thought Harry, who was with 656 Squadron, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps, was the only one not to be tested.

Squadron Sergeant Major Mark “Oz” Wilson, who was in charge of squadron discipline, reportedly said: “I couldn’t believe Harry was allowed to leave.”

He added: “He had just returned from a period of leave, from being off celebrating Prince William’s wedding. If you miss a test because you are not on camp normally you have to book a test ASAP at the next location you are going to.”

The Duke of Sussex went on to pass his training on Apaches and was deployed in Afghanistan.

The latest revelation comes after Harry’s claim that he killed 25 Taliban militants during his time in Afghanistan, which led to claims he committed war crimes.

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