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17th Mar 2016

Here’s why Nigerian Guinness is the drink you really need this St Patrick’s Day

Carl Anka

Here’s your timely Guinness fun fact to impress your mates with at the pub this St Patrick’s Day.

Guinness sells more in Nigeria than in Ireland.

Thanks in part to a clever “Guinness Gives You Power” marketing campaign in the 1960s, nearly 40 per cent of all Guinness sold worldwide is in Nigeria, with over 2 million bottles sold daily across Africa.

You might have come across Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, which is how African Guinness is sold over here.

More than a slightly tweaked name, Foreign Extra Stout has a different recipe from its Irish counterpart, using sorghum rather than barley to develop its flavour.

The result is a beverage that’s a lot more peaty in taste – not to mention a damn sight stronger, with a 7.5 per cent in alcoholic content (Irish Guinness is 4 per cent ABV).

It’s all rather fitting considering St Patrick is patron saint of both nations.

There’s your second fun fact of the day.

So enjoy your St Patrick’s Day, and keep your eyes peeled for Guinness Foreign Extra. Just don’t drink too much, or you’ll end up on the floor a hell of a lot quicker.

And most importantly folks, don’t drink green beer today.