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25th Jul 2018

Guardsman pushes tourist after she gets in his way during Windsor drill


Don’t stand there

Windsor Castle is one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions, and no small part of the are the Queens Guard.

The Guardsmen, in their iconic red jackets and tall, black, bearskin hats are recognisable the world over, and stand guard outside the castle. They are not just ceremonial though – they are fully operational soldiers. So you don’t really want to mess with them.

This tourist had a run in with one, in a video being shared on Twitter.

The woman appears to crossed over the barrier rope, and is standing right in the way of his march.

When gets to her, he shoves her out of his way without breaking his step.

“The Household Division is proud to guard Her Majesty and honoured that people come from around the world to watch our ceremonial spectacle,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence told The Sun. “The ropes are there to protect both the public and our soldiers; please stay behind them.”

It is not clear when the incident happened, though the video was posted on July 24th.